• Robert D. Coli, MD and Waltraud (Traudi) Coli: Plainfield, N.H.

    When a number of complex questions arose about our life insurance policies and annuities, our estate planning attorney referred my wife and I to Richard and the Stonebridge Financial Group. Because of our negative life insurance and annuity experiences elsewhere, we were looking for an expert with specialized knowledge, decades of experience and a long history of satisfied clients. Fortunately, this time, we found exactly the right expert for the complex job that had to be done.
    By working with Richard, an experienced insurance industry veteran, we were able to more than triple the death benefit of our existing Life Insurance with just a simple financial strategy that Richard suggested.
    We were impressed by the depth of Richard’s analysis, the clarity of his explanations, his commitment to creating the best solutions and his skillful use of a competitive process that produced the highest value for us at the best available price.
    We can wholeheartedly recommend Richard to anyone with questions about their existing life insurance or annuity contracts or potential purchase of additional policies or any questions about life insurance-related financial and estate planning issues.

  • Charles (Chick) May – CEO, Alarm Partners, Delray Beach, FL.

    My partner and I recently did a comprehensive review of our estate plans including our buy sell agreements.  Our attorney suggested we have Richard look at the insurance policies as they didn’t look like they would last as long as we needed them to without a major change in premiums.   We didn’t expect much but boy were we surprised.  Not only did we get the terms extended to what we need but we got a substantial reduction in our premiums.   Richard is a true professional and has been a pleasure to work with and we would highly recommend him.

  • Carol & Skip Metayer – Owners, Farm-Way –Bradford, VT.

    We lost track of our life insurance coverage over the years and found ourselves under insured.
    Rich found us the coverage we needed and was able to save us money over policies we had purchased 35 years ago.
    We appreciate his advice and helping us navigate through the entire process simply and easily.

  • Claudia & Gianni Minervini – Trevini Ristorante – Owner, Palm Beach, FL.

    I was so impressed with how Richard helped Gianni, myself, and so many of my friends and clients, that I have now obtained my insurance license. Richard has great integrity and knowledge, but what sets him aside from many others, is his genuineness to make his clients top priority, in assisting them with understanding their current policies, or the lack thereof, and more importantly, at the most financially feasible amount. In turn, saving his clients a vast amount of money! His experience is invaluable. I am Spectacularly proud to now be part of his firm!

  • Stacey Thomson, Owner, Thomson Companies – Orford, NH

    We have a tendency of getting so busy with our work, that we sometimes neglect some of our own personal needs. I have postponed sitting with Rich for quite a while. I am glad for his persistency. When I recently sat with him, he opened up my eyes and helped me to avoid some unforeseen future problems. He had some really simple solutions and at the same time saved me a lot of money on my old life insurance premiums I was currently paying.

  • Philip Webber, retired senior executive from Fortune 10 company, Upper Valley, New Hampshire.

    I thought I had the best possible life insurance from the best company. In updating my estate plan,
    my lawyer suggested a “no obligation” conversation with Rich. Not only did he work tirelessly on my behalf,
    making multiple phone calls to not only my company and several other top tier companies as well, he arranged
    life insurance nearly twice as much as what I had, for the same premium I was already paying. I am very
    pleased that my wife and children will be financially protected when I’m gone.

  • Greg Lehn, Owner Operator McDonalds – Plantation FL.

    If you want an advisor who will do the right thing for your situation , your life and your family, you found him in Rich. He certainly knows life insurance and will direct you to the product that best suits your needs, and save you some money on the way.

  • Dr. Robert Gottesman, DC – Boca Raton, FL

    Rich has shown me products never described by prior Insurance agents, at a cost much lower! Having my family protected gives me a sense of relieve and comfort. I recommend him to anyone looking for first class Insurance and service. Thank you Rich!

  • Doug Marty – Owner , Air Guide Mfg. – Miami, FL

    I had been paying premiums to the same company for 18 years. I believed I had the “best” price for my life insurance. I was proven to be wrong after meeting with Richard. Here I was, 18 years older and Richard showed me how to purchase and maintain the same life insurance amount I had, but for 50% less premiums. I recommend to anyone reading this who enjoys saving money, no matter what age you are, to have Richard review your life insurance policies.

  • Cosmo Dischino, Founder/Owner -Cosmo & Co. Salon & spa – Palm Beach, FL

    Like most of us, I have been paying my life insurance premiums for over 20 years and  never hearing from my “agent”. It was a real eye opener when I sat with Richard. I discovered that I could purchase MORE life insurance, for a lot less premium than I was paying all those years. I highly recommend you do the same.

  • Mark Feinstein, ESQ. Feinstein & Soroto P.A. – Plantation, FL

    I am personally a client of Richard’s. More importantly, I trust sending my clients to Richard because I know they will be taken care of as if they were his “family”. I am always receiving thanks and appreciation from my clients I send to Rich.

    One particular client of mine has a past history of cancer and was told that he could not purchase anymore life insurance.  Through Richard’s relentless  efforts, my client WAS able to purchase life insurance and at a very reasonable rate. Thank you Rich for your continued caring!

  • Dr. Brent Schillinger, MD – Delray Beach, FL

    You want a trustworthy, honorable  sincere advisor when it comes your financial pocketbook.  I found Richard  is all of those and more.

  • James “Smitty” & Debra Smith, Owner Operator McDonalds – Greensboro, NC

    Rich opened our eyes quite a bit with just a SIMPLE REVIEW of our current coverage. His review uncovered a hidden potential financial catastrophe for our family that we were able to avoid because of his expertise. Richard’s review and suggestions on an old policy I had, enabled us to use available cash valve from that policy to add $2.5 mil insurance valve to our estate. Thank You Richard

  • Joanne Farrar, CPA Wellington, FL.

    I will not hesitate recommending Rich to my clients. He conducts a very thorough, enlightening analysis of their life insurance and annuity portfolio.  His professional analyses have saved a lot of money for many of my clients as well as help them recognize unseen pitfalls.

  • Anthony M. Barbuto, Esq. Wellington, FL.

    Richard has helped me with my personal life insurance as well as many of my clients.  I highly recommend you take advantage of his 40 years experience and honesty, and meet with him for an analysis of your life insurance and annuities.

  • David Seligman, District Manager, Hartford Insurance Company, retired

    When Rich retired from the Hartford in 2006 and went independent, it was a sad day for his collegues. We miss his devotion, talent and refreshing intergrity. His talent is unsurpassed when it comes to helping people find solutions using life insurance.

  • Dave Offen, Toronto, CN.

    I have always believed in life insurance to ensure my family’s well being in case of untimely death. Rich, however , because of his experience and relationship with the underwriters was able to save me money by replacing an older, more expensive policy with a better priced one.

  • Seymour Metnick, Esq. Boca Raton, FL.

    When one of my close friends referred me to Richard, I was apprehensive. I assumed that the premium I was paying for my life insurance I bought 8 years ago was the “best” and there was nothing “better”. After a simple review and an education from Richard, I made a change that has saved me hundreds of thousands of dollars! – Thanks Rich.

  • Ginny and Steve Orthwein, St.Louis, MO.

    Richard made the process of acquiring life insurance simple, easy and understandable.

  • Pat and Nancy Lorenti, New Haven, CT.

    We have been clients of Richard’s for over 40 years. He continues to review our policies each year and keeps us well informed with all the current information.